Why ACS?




Who can use our services?
Any company or organization that is paying commercial or industrial utility rates. Our clients include factories, churches, hospitals, non-profit organizations, villages, townships, school districts, federal, state, county, and city governments. No commercial or industrial account is too large or too small.

About us
For the past 33 years, we have recovered retroactive refunds for thousands of companies nationwide. We are confident that we can recover refunds for your company as well. We urge you to allow us the opportunity to be of service. Wouldn’t you be interested in knowing if you’re being overcharged and entitled to a refund? Why continue to overpay? Allow us to assist immediately in correcting all such utility errors and overcharges, and recover these potentially substantial refunds and reductions in your future billings.

Free Assessment
Because our electricity/gas assessment is completely free, it won’t cost you a penny to identify cheaper electricity/gas prices. This includes reviewing your current electricity/gas contract, negotiating it, or switching to a more competitive supplier. By monitoring the markets and utilizing our national purchasing power and market intelligence ACS can minimize exposure to the risks of buying at the wrong time and price.

Are you being overcharged?
Incorrect charging by suppliers is not uncommon. ACS will analyze your historic invoices to highlight any overcharges and then negotiate with your supplier to secure all refunds, usually with interest and penalties added.

Are you on the right tariff?
As part of your free bill analysis, we will check that you are on the most cost effective tariff to suit how your business operates.

In some states, manufacturers are eligible for exemption from surcharges on certain portions of their electricity/gas purchases. To ensure electricity/gas providers bill the surcharge correctly, the state requires manufacturers to file exemption forms that accurately estimate the exempt portions of their total electricity/gas purchases. Often, this means identifying the actual electric/gas devices in the exempt processes and applying acceptable electricity/gas –use conversion factors.

Increasingly, the state auditors question exemption estimates that they feel are not well documented, and instruct companies to use an expert third party consultant to perform the calculation.

ACS’s electricity/gas engineers have performed the electricity/gas surcharge audit calculation for thousands of US- based manufacturers. Give us a call to find out how we can help ensure you pay only the surcharge that you owe, and secure any refunds due for past overpayment of such surcharges on your electricity/gas bills. Correct future billing will also net you continued savings.




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