How much can ACS Recover and
Save for your Company?




We offer a no-cost service and a no lose proposition with a very minimal investment of your time and company resources. We work directly with the utility companies on your behalf in securing refunds. In addition to refunds, you will be saving money going forward. If we do not recover you a refund you do not pay us a penny!

Over the past 33 years, we have recovered tens of millions of dollars for our clients in the form of refunds, credits and future savings. This resulted from one or more of the following errors:

Clients were billed for electricity they did not use

The published tariff was not applied properly resulting in excessive charges

Overlapped billing dates

The meters were not working properly

Incorrect meter readings

Improper taxes

Erroneous surcharges

Excess supply rates

Meters were estimated and never trued up

The wrong rate was applied to the bill

Erroneous balance forwards

The landlord did not charge in accordance to the lease

Demand reading errors

Duplicate payments

The sum of the line items do not equal the total

Clients were billed by the utility for 30% more than they should have paid due to improper translation of the revenue requirement into the tariff.




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