Auditing Procedure




We take the time to understand the challenges facing your business.

We’ll review your bills and utility tariffs to uncover errors and discover usage patterns. This will help us determine what course of action to take and setting a time frame based on the laws in the state the recoveries are made.

Rate Optimization
ACS will assign a partner to insure that you maintain long-term cost savings. Frequently, we are asked to recommend a particular vendor. ACS has long-standing relationships with utility and communication vendors to take advantage of future savings.

You would sign our standard utility audit agreement as well as a Letter of Agency/Authorization, and provide a statement for each utility you want to be audited. Then we do the rest. It’s that simple!

Measurable Savings and Refunds
Our process gives you measurable cost savings. You’ll reduce spending and improve your bottom line. Again, our goal is to recover the most possible for each client. There is NO COST if there is no recovery.




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