What is the cost of an ACS audit?




Absolutely nothing!

There are no out of pocket expenses to you. If we recover a retroactive refund, we share in the refund 50/50. You will also realize future savings going forward. We share in those monthly savings 50/50 for 24 months. If we don’t recover a refund for you, you pay us ZERO (0). At the conclusion of the audit. whether or not there is a recovery, you know that your bills are 100% accurate.

What is the cost of not having an ACS audit?
Here is a case study to consider. We had a client that kept putting off our audit due to being too busy with his company’s work. The manufacturing plant was opened in 2000. After four years in constant contact with him he finally allowed ACS to audit his company’s electric bills. ACS uncovered mistakes on the billing and recovered refunds of approximately $200,000 (20003/2004/2005). Since the statute of limitations in his state only allowed for a 3 year maximum recovery, his company lost on refunds based on overcharge for the years 2000/2001/2002. This resulted in a loss of approx. $200,000. If he had allowed ACS to audit 2001 – 2003 he would have received a full refund back, lowered his future bills and not lost a single penny. Don’t make the same mistake by putting off an ACS audit. Why would you? Initial contact to get started takes 10 minutes or less of your time.

Refund Recovery = Mutual Benefit!
ACS’s percentage of the refund recovery is money that you would never have seen anyway. This is money that you have already paid to the utilities and would never have ever known it existed without an ACS audit. It is money being recaptured from the utilities. Basically, you end up with 50% of a refund you never expected to see or have.

An unexpected refund to add to your bottom line!




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