ACS-MEMORY THAT WORKS! Is the choice for quality Sun Server and Workstation Memory

ACS- MEMORY THAT WORKS! Is certified Sun Original Memory. Through the MEMORY THAT WORKS program, ACS memory is backed by our world-class service. Every single Sun Memory Module that we certify is Sun Original is just that…Sun Original. We certify that if you have Sun Microsystems certified service; you can rest assured that your server or workstation will not get tagged due to inferior Sun compatible memory.

ACS-MEMORY THAT WORKS, Workstation and Server Memory

Asset Conversion Services name is synonymous with quality and uptime. Our comprehensive MEMORY THAT WORKS Server Memory product line delivers certified modules to meet the majority of today's server needs, for organizations large and small.

We provide memory products in a broad range of speeds, densities, form factors and technologies. From DDR RDIMMs to DDR2 FBDIMMS to the latest DDR3 server modules, we have the memory to fit your Sun application.

Looking for a hard-to-find module? Contact your ACS to learn more!

Looking for a hard-to-find module? Contact your ACS to learn more!
Reliance you can count on us.

•  All modules carry our lifetime warranty, outstanding customer service and support, and guaranteed reliability.
• ACS can offer additional benefits as well:
• On-Site spares available for large corporate and government datacenter customers that require maximum uptime.
• Cross-shipment options available for speedy exchange of warranty replacements.
• Bulk shipping options are available for customers who don't want to spend valuable time opening module packages.

ACS-Memory in your environment!

The servers in your datacenter and the workstations on your desks need memory that's not only guaranteed Sun Original—but it's certified to work. Asset Conversion Services has the technology, expertise, and resources to deliver the qualified Sun memory that you need.

ACS- Representatives

Asset Conversion Services has over 24 yrs of Sun Memory experience. If we do not have it, no one else does either. Call 530-273-2989 or email to get your memory today.






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