We Buy Used Servers

We buy used servers of all brands and types such as:

Sun Microsystems® Servers: X64, Sun Fire, SPARC, Cool Threads, Sun Enterprise, Mid-Range, High End, Carrier Grade, Netra, Blade, Ultra.

Models: T3, T6320, T6340, X6270, X6275, T5120, T5140, T5220, T5240, T5440, X2270 M2, X4170 M2, X4270 M2, X4470, M3000, M4000, M5000, M8000, M9000, T3-1, T3-2, T3-3, X4800, T1000, T2000, V20z, V210, V240, V245, V250, V40z, V440, V445, V60Z, V65z, X2100, X2200, X2250, X2270, X4100, X4100 M2, X4200, Sunfire 12K, Sunfire 15K, Sun Fire 20K, V1280, V480, V490, V880, V890, Netra 240, Netra X4450, E3800, E4900, Blade 1500, Blade 2500.


IBM® Servers: Power Systems, System p, System I, Blades, X Series, Intellistation Pro and Power Workstations, BladeCenter.

Models: pSeries 615, p5 505/505Q, p5 510/510Q, Power 520, Power 550, p5 520/520Q, p5 550/550Q, 630, p5 570, p5 575, 650, i5 520, 525, 550, Blade Center HC10, HS12, HS20, HS21, HS21 XM, HS22V, HS40, JS12, JS21, JS22, JS23, JS43, LS21, LS41, LS22, LS42, X3105, x3200, x3200 M2, x3200M3, x3250, x3250 M2, x3350, x3400, x3400 M2, x3450, x3455, x3500, x3500 M2, x3550, x3550 M2, x3650, x3650 M2, x3655, x3755, x3800, x3850 M2, X3950, x3950 M2, xSeries 225, 226, 235, 236, 260, 305, 336, 345, 346, 365, 366, 382, 450, 445, 455, 460, M Pro, Z Pro, Power 275, Power 285.

HP® Servers: HP 9000 Unix Servers, HP Integrity Server, Alpha Servers, Blade System p-Class, HP Proliant, Blade System c-Class.

Models: rp3440-4, rp4410-4, rp44540-8, rp5400, rp5430, rp5405, rp5450, rp5470, rp7400, rp7405, rp7410-8, rp7420-16, rp7440, rp8400-16, rp8420-32, rp8440, L-Class, N-Class, rx2600-2, rx2620-2, rx2660, rx3600, rx4640-8, rx5670, rx6600, rx7620-16, rx7640, rx8620-32, rx8640, Superdome sx1000, DS15, DS25, ES45, BL20p G2, BL20p G3, BL20p G4, BL25p, BL25p G2, BL30P, BL35p, BL40p, BL45p, BL45p G2, BL2x220c G5, BL2x220c G6, BL260c G5, BL280c G6, BL 460c, BL460c G5, BL460c G6, BL465c, BL465c G5, BL465 G6, BL480c, BL480c G6, BL495c G5, BL495 G6, BL680c G5, BL685c, BL685c, BL685c G5, BL860c, BL870c, DL120 G5p, DL120 G6, DL140 G2, DL140 G3, DL145 G2, DL145 G3, DL160 G5, DL160 G5p, DL160se G6, DL160 G6, DL165 G5, DL165 G5p, DL165 G6, DL180 G5, DL180 G6, DL185 G5, DL320 G5, DL320 G5p, DL320 G6, DL360 G3, DL360 G4, DL360G4p, DL360 G5, DL360 G6, DL365, DL365 G5, DL370 G6, Dl380 G3, DL380 G4, DL380 G5, DL380 G6, DL385, DL385 G2, DL385 G5, DL385 G5p, DL385 G6, DL560, DL560 G3, DL580G4, DL580 G5, DL585, DL585 G2, DL585 G5, DL585 G6, DL785 G5, DL785 G6, ML110 G4, ML 110 G5, ML100 G6, ML115, ML115 G5, ML150 G2, ML150 G5, ML150 G6, ML310 G4, ML310 G5, ML310 G5p, ML330 G6, ML350 G4p, ML350 G5, ML350 G6, ML370 G3, ML370 G4, ML370 G5, ML370 G6, ML570 G3, ML570 G4, SL160z G6, SL165z G6, SL170z G6, SL2x170z G6.

DELL® Servers: PowerEdge, Precision.

Models: T100, T105, R200, 1750, 1900, 1800, 2970, SC1435, T605, 1850, 1855, 2800, 2850, T300, R300, 1955, 1950, 1950 III, 2950, 2950 III, M600, R410, T410, M610, T610, R610, M710, R710, M805, M905, 2650, 2900, 2900 III, 6800, 6850, R805, R900, 6950, R905, T3400, T3500, R5400, T5400, T5500, T7400, T7500, Precision 490, 690.

We also buy the following used computer hardware products:
PCs and Laptops
Other Equipment (printers, VOIP, Audio/Video, etc.)

Sun Microsystems/Oracle®

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