Sun Fire Memory



Sun Fire V440 (OBP 4.16.1-4.16.4)


Maximum Memory


Memory Slots

16 (4 CPUs each with 2 banks of 2)

Installation Notes

Install in pairs. The minimum requirement is two DIMMs. Install the first V440 DIMMs in CPU0 B0/D0 and B0/D1 or B1/D0 and B1/D1. System can be configured with either two or four CPU/Memory Modules.


Part Number




512mb (2x256mb) Sun Memory Kit; PC2700 DDR; Registered (PN: X7702A)


1gb (2x512mb) Sun Memory Kit; PC2700 DDR; ECC (PN: X7703A)



2gb (2x1gb) Sun Memory Kit; PC2700 DDR; Registered (PN: X7704A)



4gb (2x2gb) Sun Memory Kit; PC2700 DDR; ECC (PN: X7711A)



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