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Asset Conversion Services (ACS) is a world leader in IT hardware liquidation. For over 22 years, we have been putting capital back into businesses by providing quick and predictable asset recovery to organizations with excess or off-lease computing and networking gear.

Whether you're a Fortune 500 undergoing a major IT upgrade, moving to a new location or entering the cloud, ACS can help you consolidate your company IT assets while at the same time decrease the cost to purchase new equipment.

Below, you may recognize some challenges your company now faces:
Merged/Acquired (Your company has been acquired and you will be moving into a new building, the building you share has similar IT gear and you need to liquidate the equipment that is redundant)

Obsolete equipment (To keep up with current demands, you need to upgrade to stay ahead of the competition)

Bankruptcy (Your company is seeking chapter 11 and you are required to sell off some of your company assets)

Moving into the Cloud (The collocation facility you are moving into requires you to use their servers for better quality service, your old equipment is no longer needed)

Scaled back production (Due to the economy some of your largest clients have suspended your services, you have production IT equipment that is no longer in use or needed)

Left over equipment from an upgrade (Your last upgrade left you with CPU's, Memory and some decommissioned servers you no longer use)

ACS also provides computer liquidation services which include:
• Data Erasure/Wiping or disk destruction
• Environmentally-friendly recycling or disposal
• Brokerage and/or purchase of excess equipment
• IT asset management





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