Sun Fire Memory



Sun Fire V240 (OBP 4.8.1-.2)


Maximum Memory


Memory Slots

8 (4 banks of 2)

Installation Notes

The minimum requirement is two DIMMs. Install the first V210 DIMM in CPU0 B0/D0 and B0/D1 or B1/D0 and B1/D1. If one processor is installed the maximum memory is 8GB, if two processors are installed the maximum memory is 16GB.


Part Number


Sun Original

3rd Party Price



512mb (2x256mb) Sun Memory Kit; PC2100 DDR; ECC Registered (PN: X7402A)



512mb (2x256mb) Sun Memory Kit (PN: X7602A)



1gb (2x512mb) Sun Memory Kit; PC2100 DDR; ECC (PN: X7403A)



2gb (2x1gb) Sun Memory Kit; PC2100 DDR; ECC (PN: X7404A)



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