We Want Your Used Dell Server



We want your late model used Dell server because they are a world-class, high-performance machines with Dual-Core processing power. Late model used Dell Servers have built-in hardware virtualization technology and fully buffered DIMM memory. There are many reasons that Dell computers are valued and sought after, even used.

Asset Conversion Services recognizes that your used Dell Server comes in many flavors including Rack, Blade and Tower. Dell Rack servers are great for collocation, hybrid cloud computing, data base applications, consolidation, virtualization and Unix migration. In fact cloud computing collocation companies like RackSpace use no other server.

Dell Blade servers have been used for front end SAN, Database apps, clustering, virtualization, web applications and iSCSI workloads. The Dell Tower Servers are also great for web applications. Although a good amount of used Dell Servers that Asset Conversions Services pick up were used in remote locations, to do workgroup email and workgroup applications.

With the cost of energy going up Dell PowerEdge servers have been put to work in many data centers as a way to reduce server power draw. Asset Conversion Services works with a large contingent of companies that are seeking energy efficient machines, so if you are thinking of upgrading your Dell Servers farm and want to get quick and fair estimate of what your used Dell equipment is worth, give us a call ct at 530-273-2989 or e-mail sales@assetcs.com

Below is just a partial list of used Dell Server equipment that Asset Conversion Services is looking for:

Sell Us Your Used Dell Servers:

• Used Dell PowerEdge 1u Servers - 1850, 1950, R200, R210, R300, R310, R410, SC1425

• Used Dell PowerEdge 2u Servers - 2850, 2950, 2970, R510, R610, R710, R810

• Used Dell PowerEdge 4u Servers - 6850, 6950, R900, R905, R910

• Used Dell PowerEdge Blade Servers - 1855, 1955, M600, M610, M710, M905

• Used Dell PowerEdge Tower Servers - 2800, 2900, T100, T300, T400, T600



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