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Used products can give you the best of both worlds. You can have a quality product, which is usually expensive, at a price you can afford. One thing that manufactures of new IT equipment will not tell you, is that the depreciation value for their product is not only exasperated by their own endeavors, but any manufacturer that comes out with a new and faster CPU. Memory speeds really have not changed that much since 1978 (oddly enough), but CPU’s and drive technology is another story.

For a quick reality check go to eBay and look what used Sun Servers, HP, IBM or Dell servers go for. I have seen 3 year old servers that cost $200,000 new, go for a fraction of the cost. Asset Conversion Services helps thwart that depreciation by selling refurbished upgraded used Sun Servers as well as HP, Dell and IBM used IT equipment. Do not drive that new server over the curb, do what smart IT folks have known for years, buy used.

On the flip side of that equation, are the used servers that your company still has on line. To increase their value to your company, you might consider upgrading the CPU’s memory and storage. Let ACS (Asset Conversion Services) assist you in a computer upgrade, so you can squeeze that last useful mile out of your IT equipment. When it is time to trade your gear in, ACS will give you fair market value for your used equipment and can assist you in finding the most aggressive pricing for new.

ACS offers you the best used Sun equipment on the market. We have a comprehensive selection of Sun equipment with the expertise to match. If you have questions about the type of SUN workstation to buy or which SUN server is best for your needs, we can answer your questions. We’ll help you find a product in our inventory to match your needs.

ACS wants your used IT gear, there is no long wait for payment, and we handle the shipping details and costs. Selling your excess computer equipment is so effortless; you’ll wonder why you never contacted us earlier.

Remember if you need to upgrade or sell your IT gear, please give us a call, we are your one stop shop for all your IT networking needs. With over 20 years worth of experience you are in good hands with ACS!




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